Environmental Geoscience (Geoekologiya), 1998, V 1, N 4.

Environmental Problems of Urban Areas
The Recent Tectonic Structure and Topography of Moscow V. I. Makarov, V. I. Babak, E. A. Gavryushova, and I. N. Fedonkina p. 267 Abstract Control of Underflooding of the Foundations of Historical and Architectural Monuments in Moscow V. M. Shvets, O. I. Kupalov-Yaropolk, and L. V. Zhemerikina p. 280 Abstract Conditions of Salt Accumulation on the Moscow Architectural Monuments E. M. Pashkin, A. A. Anufriev, V. M. Kuvshinnikov, V. V. Ponomarev, and O. V. Telin p. 284 Abstract
Waste Utilization and Underground Disposal

Problems of Risk Management in Selecting Sites for Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Waste B. T. Kochkin p. 291 Abstract
Rock and Groundwater Contamination

Prediction of the Impact of Authropogenic Climatic Changes on Groundwater V. S. Kovalevskii, S. M. Semenov, and Yu. V. Kovalevskii p. 300 Abstract The Environmental and Geochemical Situation in the Region of the Ivan'kovo Storage Reservoir N. A. Titaeva, N. S. Safronova, I. V. Lantsova, and E. N. Kukushkina p. 308 Abstract Accumulation and Distribution of Sulfur in Soils in Areas of Operation of the Gas-Processing and Metallurgical Integrated Plants N. B. Valitov and T. A. Shishkova p. 318 Abstract Assessment of the Environmental Hydrogeological State of the Tashauz Oasis by the Method of Main Components D. V. Korol'kov p. 328 Abstract
Functioning of Natural and Technological Systems

Determination of Efficient Stresses and Block Structure Deformation by Micro-oscillations of the Geological Environment A. A. Spivak and V. G. Spungin p. 333 Abstract Analysis of the Causes of Contraction Underground Cavities Formed by Nuclear Explosions within the Rock Salt Massif in the Astrakhan Condensed Gas Field K. V. Myasnikov, V. N. Rodionov, I. A. Sizov, V. F. Dorodnov, and B. G. Lukishov p. 345 Abstract Quantitative Estimation of the Groundwater Content of Caspian Sediments V. P. Zverev, O. Yu. Varvanina, and I. A. Kostikova p. 355 Abstract