The Recent Tectonic Structure and Topography of Moscow

V. I. Makarov, V. I. Babak, E. A. Gavryushova, and I. N. Fedonkina

Institute of Environmental Geoscience (IGE), Russian Academy of Sciences, PGO Tsentrgeologiya, GP Geosintez

Received September 15, 1997

Abstract—The recent tectonic structure, the current geodynamic conditions of its evolution, the peculiarities
of their manifestation in the Earth’s surface topography, and the relation to older structural complexes of the
crystalline basement and sedimentary cover within Moscow and the Moscow region are considered. It is con-
cluded that the neotectonic structure and topography significantly affect the city infrastructure, primarily its
radial–concentric pattern and, hence, the formation of its engineering geological conditions and behavior of the
geological environment.