Determination of Efficient Stresses and Block Structure
Deformation by Micro-oscillations of the Geological

A. A. Spivak and V. G. Spungin

Institute of Dynamics of the Geosphere, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Received September 19, 1997

Abstract—The structure of active natural formations and the local geodynamic regime of the geological envi-
ronment are determined by the parameters of background and pulse relaxation microseisms. The value of dif-
ferential displacements of structural blocks, the activity of structural formations (blocks and interblock spaces
of a different rank), the abundance of high-frequency components in oscillations, and the value of efficient and
relaxed stresses are considered the basic characteristics of the geodynamic regime. The spatial orientation of
active faces of relaxed blocks is determined by the polarization and emergence angle of pulse wave oscillations.
The results of instrumental observations of the relaxation processes in specific rock massifs are considered. The
data obtained testify to a considerable spatial nonuniformity of efficient environmental stresses.