Conditions of Salt Accumulation on the Moscow Architectural

E. M. Pashkin, A. A. Anufriev, V. M. Kuvshinnikov, V. V. Ponomarev, and O. V. Telin

Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy, (mGRA), ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 23, Moscow, 117873 Russia

Received November 28, 1997

Abstract—The negative effects of salt accumulation on architectural monuments is first shown during engi-
neering geological surveys. The analysis of the results of studies made it possible to determine salt minerals and
index minerals of paragenetic associations. The decisive role of pore solutions in salt accumulation has been
shown. The migration ways of pore solutions and the causes of salt accumulation are considered in specific
architectural monuments in Moscow. The complex engineering geological and hydrochemical consideration of
the problem made it possible to substantiate the managerial measures aimed at eliminating the causes of salt