Environmental Geoscience, 1999, V 2, N 3.

Genetic Classification of Cryogenic Formations
I. D. Danilov 
p. 177 

Functioning of Natural and Technological Systems

Microbe Systems of the Lithosphere L. S. Kozhevina p. 187 Abstract

Environmental Contamination

New Data on the Cross-Structure of Lateral Suspension Flows in the Barents Sea Periphery N. A. Aibulatov, V. A. Matyushenko, V. P. Shevchenko, N. V. Politova, and E. M. Potekhina p. 193 Abstract

Geoenvironmental Problems of Urban Areas

Geoenvironmental Conditions in the Towns at the Dagestan Caspian Coast A. A. Svitoch p. 207 Abstract Content of Natural Radionuclides in Soils and Rocks of Moscow R. S. Ziangirov, O. P. Medvedev, and P. S. Miklyaev p. 219 Abstract

Soil Science

Experimental Study of the Thermal Properties and Moisture Phase Composition of Saline Frozen Soils E. D. Ershov, R. G. Motenko, and I. A. Komarov p. 226 Abstract

Natural and Technological Processes

The Dynamics of Rock Block Slow Sliding V. N. Rodionov and I. A. Sizov p. 236 Abstract

Methods for Studies

Assessment of the Hydrogeological Study of the Verkhnekamskoe Field of Potassic Salts O. V. Slinko and A. R. Sysuev p. 240 Abstract Dynamic Ring Shear and Its Present-Day Possibilities D. A. Van’kov p. 247 Abstract Shear Plane Determination in Mohr–Coulomb’s Model A. I. Ivanov p. 257 Abstract