Microbe Systems of the Lithosphere

L. S. Kozhevina

Institute of the Lithosphere, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Staromonetnyi per. 22, Moscow, 109180 Russia

Received November 12, 1998

Abstract—The microorganism habitat in the lithosphere represents a layer with a thickness of several kilome-
ters. The surface microbe system participates in the transformation of solar energy. The subsurface microbe sys-
tem is independent of the products of photosynthesis and transforms energy coming from the Earth’s interior
with abyssal exhalations in the form of gaseous compounds. Both systems accumulate a portion of the external
and internal energy in the form of microbe biomass and products of vital activity (biogenic compounds), and
accumulate it during sedimentation. One of the main functions of the microbe block in the lithosphere is to
block an action disturbing the ecosystem from equilibrium and to eliminate its consequences. In doing so, the
microorganisms seek to restore the state of equilibrium, which can be objectionable for human activities.