Assessment of the Hydrogeological Study
of the Verkhnekamskoe Field
of Potassic Salts

O. V. Slinko* and A. R. Sysuev**

* Operational and Production Institute for Engineering Surveys in Construction (PNIIIS)

** Moscow Trust of Engineering Surveys in Construction (Moststisiz)

Received June 23, 1998

Abstract—The state of the hydrogeological study characterizing the section of persalt sequence at the Verkh-
nekamskoe field of potassic salts (VKMKS) has been considered. Despite a prolonged period of exploration
and exploitation of this field, the existing notions about the geological conditions in the region cannot eliminate
the real hazard of the flooding of mine workings and require a serious correction on the basis of combined mon-
itoring [1], including a complex of investigations in sixteen directions. The reasons for the unsatisfactory hydro-
geological study of the field are: the simplified technique of hydrogeological works at the VKMKS ignoring the
complicated hydrogeological conditions; the structural–tectonic and recent hydrodynamic features of the
region; the necessity for hydrogeological interpretation of the accomplished complex of geophysical works.