Environmental Geoscience, (Geoekologiya), 1998, V 1, N 3.

Leading Papers
Control and Recovery of Groundwater Quality in Contaminated Areas V. A. Mironenko p. 177 Abstract Engineering Geological Aspects of the Combined Methodology of Design, Site Investigations, and Construction on Hard Rocks A. A. Varga p. 187 Abstract
Functioning of Natural and Technogenic Systems

Deformations of Cavities of Underground Nuclear Explosions in the Region of the Astrakhan Gas Condensate Field (AGCF) S. G. Gevorkyan and B. N Golubov p. 197 Abstract
Contamination of Rock and Groundwater

Changes in the Groundwater Quality under the Impact of Contaminated Precipitation V. L. Zlobina and R. G. Dzhamalov p. 211 Abstract
Utilization and Underground Disposal of Wastes

On the Possibility of Using Waste Effluents from Pulp and Paper Mills for Irrigation G. A. Leonova and V. A. Bychinskii p. 216 Abstract
Natural and Human–Induced Processes

Structural Geological and Geomorphologic Conditions of Karst and Suffosion Development in the Vicinity of Dzerzhinsk, Lower Oka Region V. I. Makarov, N. V. Makarova, B. A. Gantov, and T. A. Balashova p. 222 Abstract Assessment of the Impact of Channel Processes on the Geoenvironmental Situation in River Valleys K. M. Berkovich, R. S. Chalov, and A. V. Chernov p. 230 Abstract Peculiarities of Mudflow Formation in the Crimea A. A. Klyukin and V. E. Novikov p. 237 Abstract The Influence of Recent Crustal Movements on Structural Deformations of Buildings on a Site in Odessa O. Yu. Medvedev p. 243 Abstract Dynamic Instability of Cohesionless Soils: Forms of Occurrence and Main Regularities E. A. Voznesenskii p. 247 Abstract
Research Techniques and Methodology

Hydrodynamic Models as the Basis for Predicting Urban Area Underflooding O. V. Slinko p. 260 Abstract