Assessment of the Impact of Channel Processes
on the Geoenvironmental Situation in River Valleys

K. M. Berkovich, R. S. Chalov, and A. V. Chernov

Moscow State University, Vorob’evy gory, Moscow, 119899 Russia

Received December 9, 1996

Abstract—Some channel processes that are hazardous for the riverain environment and that exert an unfavor-
able effect on human life and activity are studied. These processes include bank erosion, channel silting, and
displacement of alluvial landforms. The numerical cartographic method is suggested for the combined estima-
tion of hazards caused by different channel processes. Hazards of both natural and anthropogenic origin that
have manifested themselves on small and large rivers are assessed separately according to the 5-point scale. The
hazard degree is calculated by arranging the hazardous phenomena in several levels (types) and by estimating
the hazard at each of the levels in terms of points. The tables of the hazard degree channel processes of various
origins, on both large and small rivers, are presented. Maps of the hazard of channel processes are compiled for
the territory of Russia: on large rivers, the hazard is shown by bands, not drawn to scale, along the river position
on the map; on small rivers, zonation is made by various hazards. Possible applications of the compiled map of
the hazard of channel processes are suggested.