Hydrodynamic Models as the Basis
for Predicting Urban Area Underflooding

O. V. Slinko

Operational and Research Institute of Engineering Surveys for Construction,
Okruzhnoi pr. 18, Moscow, 105058 Russia

Received March 13, 1997

Abstract—A groundwater flow model is the basic model of hydrogeological prediction for developed and
developing urban areas. The main principles for distinguishing simulated hydrogeological sites are presented;
the main stages of construction of the models are recommended (these are formulation of the problem, analysis
of the predicted object, and model construction). The methodology for the solution of predictive hydrogeolog-
ical problems is given. The techniques for assessing the rate of human-induced recharge as a result of infiltration
are discussed. The need for introducing hydrogeological prediction techniques proceeds from the requirements
of the new Construction Standards and Rules SNiP 11-02-96.