Environmental Geoscience, (Geoekologiya), 1998, V 1, N2.

A Contribution to the Problem of Disaster Classification: The
Parametrization of Impact and Loss
I. V. Kuznetsov, V. F. Pisarenko, and M. V. Rodkin 
p. 91

Trends in the Rainfall Composition over Russia's Territory
 V. P. Zverev, O. Yu. Varvanina, and V. S. Putilina 
p. 100

Effect of the Climatic Changes on the Ground Water and Related Environment
 V. S. Kovalevskii, S. M. Semenov, and Yu. V. Kovalevskii 
p. 107


Problems of Nuclear Pollution of the Environment

Effect of the Block-Fault Structure of a Rock Mass on Its Destruction due to Underground Nuclear Explosions: A Case Study of the Novaya Zemlya Test Site V. G. Spungin and L. S. Panteleev p. 118 Abstract Changes in Ground-Water Regime under the Impact of Underground Nuclear Explosions E. M. Gorbunova and A. A. Spivak p. 127 Abstract
Environment and Human Health

Calcium-to-Phosphorus Ratio in Geochemical Landscapes: Implications for Human Health S. M. Kravchenko p. 132 Abstract Mineralogy and Sorption Properties of Weathering Products of the Kovdor Massif Dunites (Kola Peninsula) B. I. Ryzhov and N. D. Shikina p. 138 Abstract
Contamination of Rocks and Ground Water

Petroleum Products Supply Facilities and Their Influence on Geological Environment S. M. Kazennov, A. I. Arbuzov, and Yu. V. Kovalevskii p. 142 Abstract Preliminary Estimates of Pollution of Unsaturated Zones by Oil-Field Brines A. P. Belousova p. 156 Abstract Assessment of Ground-Water Pollution in the Ob–Tom' Interfluve and Recommendations for Sustainable Water Utilization V. K. Popov, O. D. Lukashevich, N. M. Maksimova, L. P. Rikhvanov, L. V. Popova, and V. A. Korobkin p. 166 Abstract
Natural and Human-Induced Processes

Water Storage Reservoirs and Earthquakes A. A. Godzikovskaya, A. L. Strom, and V. M. Besstrashnov p. 170 Abstract