Assessment of Ground-Water Pollution in the Ob Tom
Interfluve and Recommendations for Sustainable Water

V. K. Popov, O. D. Lukashevich, N. M. Maksimova, L. P. Rikhvanov, L. V. Popova,
and V. A. Korobkin

State Institute of Utility Problems in Siberia, Russia’s North, and Far East

Tomsk Multidisciplinary University

Received March 11, 1996

Abstract—Ecologic and hydrochemical processes in the depression cones arising from ground-water intake
are discussed with reference to the Tomsk ground-water deposit that has been used for potable water supply for
more than 20 years. Anthropogenic dependence of ground-water chemistry in the producing Paleogene aquifer
is demonstrated. Recommendations for the optimization of simultaneous water withdrawal and liquid nuclear
waste disposal systems operation and control of industrial and agricultural activities in sanitary protection zones
are suggested.