Effect of the Climatic Changes on the Ground Water
and Related Environment

V. S. Kovalevskii*, S. M. Semenov**, and Yu. V. Kovalevskii**

* Water Problems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novaya Basmannaya ul. 10, Moscow, Russia

** Institute of Environmental Geoscience, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulanskii per. 13, Moscow, 101000 Russia

Received November 20, 1996

Abstract—The changes in the global air temperatures, rainfall rates, evaporation, and evaporativity, which are
predicted by climatologists all over the world, will not fail to affect the hydrosphere as a whole, including the
ground water, as well as the related environment and social conditions. This circumstance compels us to study
and predict these changes in detail. It appears important to assess conceptually the probability and possible
trends of these processes and to elaborate the way of treating and estimating these predictions.