Petroleum Products Supply Facilities and Their Influence on
Geological Environment

S. M. Kazennov, A. I. Arbuzov, and Yu. V. Kovalevskii

Institute of Geoecology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Received January 15, 1997

Abstract—The authors develop the concepts of their scientific advisor, the late Professor V.M. Gol’dberg, on
the technogenic pollution of the geological environment by petroleum products supply facilities, the principal
characteristics of which were outlined in collective publications [1, 2]. The paper addresses petroleum products
(PP) as contaminating substances, and the PP pollution of the geological environment by PP supply facilities
(uneven character and types of PP pollution, forms of accumulations of PP in soils and ground waters, and pat-
terns of PP-pollution). The article presents ideas and unpublished materials of Professor Gol’dberg on the
“uneven distribution of pollution over the territory of a PP supply facility” and “forms of accumulation of PP
in ground waters.”