Preliminary Estimates of Pollution of Unsaturated Zones
by Oil-Field Brines

A. P. Belousova

Water Problems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novaya Basmannaya ul. 10, Moscow, 107078 Russia

Received November 22, 1996

Abstract—The article presents the technique for predicting changes in technogenic salinization of soils and
rocks of the aeration zone using numerical–analytical procedures for the case when an unsaturated zone is
washed by atmospheric precipitation and by application of additional flushing and gypsum treatment. Calcula-
tions demonstrate that in order to increase the rate of desalinization it is insufficient to step up the rate of down-
ward flushing by using additional amounts of the flush water. For this purpose, it is also necessary to accelerate
the removal of salts from the lower horizons, which can be done by creating adequate drainage. Yearly gypsum
application also makes it possible to displace the sodium ion from the exchange complex.