Environmental Geoscience, 1999, V 2, N 2.

Natural and Technological Processes

Prediction of Emergencies Caused by Technological and Natural Processes and Safety Control V. V. Kayakin p. 101 Abstract

Environmental Contamination

Experimental Study of Copper Migration and Speciation in Soils N. F. Myrlyan, O. P. Bogdevich, and V. S. Buryatinskaya p. 110 Abstract Changes in the Geological Environment during Construction and Exploitation of Nuclear Stations I. V. Arkhangel’skii p. 117 Abstract Hydrogeochemical Conditions in Southeastern Western Siberia: the Evidence from the Tom River Basin N. M. Rasskazov and O. G. Savichev p. 120 Abstract

Geoenvironmental Problems of Waste Disposal and Utilization

Disposal of the Liquid Radioactive Waste: Practical Results and Environmental Consequences A. I. Rybal’chenko, M. K. Pimenov, V. M. Kurochkin, A. A. Zubkov, B. P. Sigaev, and A. S. Ladzin p. 126 Abstract Experimental Modeling of the Interaction between Water Solutions and Mineral Components of Tailings Left behind the Concentration
of Apatite–Nepheline Ore at the Khibiny Deposit A. P. Zosin, T. I. Priimak, L. B. Koshkina, and G. V. Kalabin p. 130 Abstract

Natural Processes

Hydrogeological Features of Sedimentary Cover of the Southern Caspian Megabasin V. P. Zverev and I. A. Kostikova p. 140 Abstract Gas Hydrates and the Dynamics of the Cryolithosphere at Changes in Pressure A. A. Konovalov p. 147 Abstract

Regional Engineering Geological Problems

Diversity of Engineering Geological Structures of the Earth V. T. Trofimov and T. I. Averkina p. 155 Abstract

Soil Engineering

Elastic Anisotropy of Core Samples Obtained from the Kola
Super-Deep Borehole at a Depth of 8.7–11.4 km V. L. Il’chenko, F. F. Gorbatsevich, and Yu. P. Smirnov p. 161 Abstract

Methods for Studies

Microseismic Fracture Diagnostics in the Area
of the Novo-Voronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant A. A. Spivak, V. G. Spungin, E. G. Bugaev, and E. M. Gorbunova p. 169 Abstract