Disposal of the Liquid Radioactive Waste: Practical Results
and Environmental Consequences

A. I. Rybal’chenko*, M. K. Pimenov*, V. M. Kurochkin*, A. A. Zubkov**,
B. P. Sigaev
***, and A. S. Ladzin****

* All-Russia Research Project Institute of the Industrial Technology (VNIIPIpromtekhnologiya), Russia

** Siberian Chemical Plant, Russia

*** Mining and Chemical Plant, Russia

**** Federal Scientific Center (FNC) “Nuclear Reactor Research Institute”, Russia

Received June 6, 1998

Abstract—The problems of the disposal of the liquid radioactive wastes of the Russian Atomic Industry enter-
prises, as well as the causes and main stages of the construction of the deep repositories, are considered. The
importance of the waste disposal to prevent radioactive effects on humans and their environment is shown.