This issue is published with the financial support of the Hydrogeological Research and Design Firm HYDEC, General Director Dr. B. V. Borevskii, and the Geolink Company, General Director L. I. Zamanskii.

Environmental Geoscience, 1999, V 2, N 1.

Geoenvironmenal Model of Permafrost Evolution
in the East Siberian Sector of the Arctic Shelf
I. D. Danilov and A.Yu. Vlasenko 
p. 1  

Possible Relations of Pathogenesis to Geological Inhomogeneities
A. D. Zhigalin and V. I. Makarov 
p. 10 

Geoenvironment Monitoring

Approaches to Optimization of the Monitoring of Groundwater V. S. Kovalevskii and S. M. Semenov p. 23 Abstract Engineering Geocryological Monitoring at the Yamsovei Gas Condensate Field in Northern Western Siberia S. N. Buldovich, L. S. Garagulya, and E. N. Ospennikov p. 31 Abstract
Geoenvironmental Pollution

Regularities in Formation of the Long-term Water Balance in the Cascade of Technological Ponds on the Techa River (the Mayak Industrial Association) V. I. Osipov, S. M. Semenov, and G. I. Batrak p. 36 Abstract Technological Pollution Mapping in the Area of Integrated Tungsten and Molybdenum Works (the Southwestern Transbaikalia) R. I. Yatsenko p. 44 Abstract The Behavior of Heavy Metals in a Migration Chain: Source of Technological Pollution-Depositing Environments-Cultivated Plants: Evidence from the Southeastern Part of the Moscow Region A. E. Tolkachev p. 52 Abstract Paleohydrogeology of the Yucca Mountain, Nevada, USA: Key for Adequacy Assessment of the Site for Planned Nuclear Waste Disposal Yu. V. Dublyanskii, J. S. Szymanski, A. V. Chepizhko, B. N. Lapin, and V. N. Reutskii p. 60 Abstract
Impact of Nuclear Explosions on the Environment

Scientific-Technical and Environmental Aspects of Peaceful Underground Nuclear Explosions Conducted in Russia K. V. Myasnikov, V. V. Kasatkin, and V. D. Akhunov p. 69 Abstract
Natural and Natural-Anthropogenic Processes

Differential Motions of Block Structures under External Effects A. A. Spivak p. 78 Abstract
Soil and Rock Engineering

The Maximum Thickness of Collapsible Loess Rocks V. T. Trofimov p. 92 Abstract