Geoenvironmental Model of Permafrost Evolution
in the East Siberian Sector of the Arctic Shelf

I. D. Danilov and A.Yu. Vlasenko

Moscow State University, Vorob’yevy gory, Moscow, 119899 Russia

Received June 20, 1998

Abstract—The complex of geological–geomorphological, paleogeographic, and permafrost data made it pos-
sible to construct the geoenvironmental model of permafrost evolution in the East Siberian sector of the Arctic
shelf for the last 80 000 years. This model takes into account variations in the main environmental parameters
in the areas drained during regressions and flooded during transgressions. The time interval considered includes
two large cryochrons, corresponding to the Zyryanka and Sartan regressions (80–50 and 25–10 ka ago, respec-
tively), and two thermochrons, corresponding to the Karginsky and Holocene transgressions (50–25 and
10–5 ka ago, respectively). The dynamics of the submarine permafrost in the region of the East Siberian Sea
are computed and its ancient and present-day thicknesses and temperatures are obtained.