Technological Pollution Mapping in the Area
of Integrated Tungsten and Molybdenum Works
(the Southwestern Transbaikalia)

R. I. Yatsenko

Buryat Geological Institute, Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Sciences,
ul. Pavlova 2, Ulan-Ude, 670015 Russia

Received July 17, 1997

Abstract—The experience in prediction mapping of the pollution area around the concentrating complex of
the Dzhida integrated tungsten and molybdenum works to 2010 is discussed. The zones of different pollution
intensity are distinguished, and the rates of their annual widening are determined with allowance for the relief
peculiarities, location of pollution sources, and the ways of pollutant infiltration. The pollution sources are char-
acterized, and the composition of prevailing pollutants are determined for calculating the pollution parameters
upon mapping.