Environmental Geoscience, (Geoekologiya), 1998, V 1, N1.

Welcome to the New Journal p. 1
Problems of Nuclear Pollution of the Environment
and Burial of Radioactive Waste

Problems of Nuclear Pollution in Some Regions of Russia B. F. Myasoedov p. 3 Abstract Minerals as the Matrix Material for Immobilization of Radionuclides A. R. Kotelnikov p. 14 Abstract
Environmental Problems of Urban Areas

The Hazard and Nature of Negative Aftereffects of Underflooding in Urban Areas I. G. Kazakova and O. V. Slinko p. 24 Abstract
Engineering Geology. Hydrogeology. Geocryology

Geoenvironmental Study of Natural and Engineered Systems in the Cryolithozone L. S. Garagulya, G. I. Gordeeva, and L. N. Khrustalev p. 32 Abstract Calculations of Temperature Conditions for Buildings with Ventilated Basements in the Permafrost Zone M. M. Dubina and R. Ya. Demchenko p. 41 Abstract
Natural and Human-induced Processes

Certain Aspects of Risk Management in Engineering-Geological Practice B. G. Sleptsov p. 46 Abstract Mechanical State of Local Crustal Areas as Deduced from Relaxation Processes V. V. Adushkin, A. A. Spivak, and V. G. Spungin p. 54 Abstract Prediction of Permeability Zones of the Earth's Crust A. A. Akimova and A. I. Volgina p. 62 Abstract
Contamination of Rocks and Ground Water

Distribution of Gas Hydrocarbons above the Surface of Contaminated Ground Water in the Aeration Zone V. M. Gol'dberg p. 67 Abstract
Research Techniques and Methods

Modern Techniques for Determining Shear Strength of Rock Joints V. I. Rechitskii and S. A. Erlikhman p. 72 Abstract

Destruction of the Ancient Cities of Dioscurias and Sebastopolis due to Seismic Impacts A. A. Nikonov p. 81 Abstract