The Hazard and Nature of Negative Aftereffects
of Underflooding in Urban Areas

I. G. Kazakova and O. V. Slinko

Operational and Research Institute of Site Investigations for Construction, Okruzhnoi pr. 18, Moscow, 105058 Russia

Recieved November 1, 1996

Abstract—The causes of emergencies during underflooding in urban areas are found. They are the drawbacks
of urban development at all its stages from site investigations to operation and maintenance. A typification of
the natural conditions in hydrogeological regions within development areas, where the probability of emergen-
cies is high under existing human-induced loads in cities and towns, is elaborated. Measures for preventing
emergencies during underflooding both in urban areas under development, developed areas, and those in use
for a long time are suggested.