Prediction of Permeability Zones of the Earths Crust

A. A. Akimova and A. I. Volgina

VolgogradNIPIneft’, Volgograd, Russia
Institute of Geology and Exploitation of Combustible Fuels (IGiRGI), Ministry of Fuel Power Engineering and Russian
Academy of Sciences, ul. Fersmana 50, Moscow, Russia

Received May 13, 1996

Abstract—Chemical and carbon isotopic instabilities in natural gas freely discharging into the atmosphere
have been established on the basis of regular gasometric observations in the Peri-Caspian depression. Gas
migrates along both apparent and concealed permeable zones; the potential ecological hazard of this should be
taken into account in economic and industrial activities. A combination of gasometric and gravity techniques is
proposed for use in predicting crustal zones with increased permeability (both concealed and apparent).