Problems of Geocryology Related to the Global Climate Change

S. Yu. Parmuzin, L. S. Garagulya, E. D. Ershov, and L. N. Khrustalev

Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University, Vorob’evy gory, Moscow, 119899 Russia

Received April 20, 1999

Abstract—The time and space response of the cryolithozone to the global climate change related to an increas-
ing amount of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is revealed. Using one of the global warming scenarios,
the qualitative regularities in the permafrost thawing onset, its temperature regime, and the depth of perennial
thawing are obtained for the territory of Russia. The potential surface subsidence is calculated for the thawing
rocks with high ice content in the seaside lowlands of Yakutia. It is shown that global climate warming will sig-
nificantly affect the stability of buildings and structures in the cryolithozone. Methods for solving geocryolog-
ical problems related to the predicted climate warming are outlined.