Zoning of the Moscow Territory by Geological Structure
and the Conditions of the Interrelation between Aquifers
with Allowance for Ancient Erosional Valleys

V. M. Kutepov, V. I. Osipov, I. A. Kozhevnikova, and I. V. Kozlyakova

Institute of Environmental Geoscience, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Ulanskii per. 13, Moscow, 101000 Russia

Received April 20, 1999

Abstract—It is shown that the variable geological structure and hydrogeological conditions in central Moscow
are caused by the different-age ancient erosional valleys. The geological sections are systematized, and the
hydrogeological models of interrelation between aquifers are constructed. The areal distribution of different
hydrodynamic models is mapped. The effect of ancient erosional pattern on the development of geological haz-
ards is assessed on the basis of analysis of the geological structure and distribution of different hydrodynamic