The Functional Analysis of Geoenvironmental Systems
in Industrial Regions

G. A. Golodkovskaya and M. B. Kurinov

Moscow State University, Vorob’evy gory, Moscow, 119899 Russia

Received March 26, 1999

Abstract—The methodology of functional analysis is considered as a key method for geoenvironmental stud-
ies. Its problems are considered, and the general structure of the methodology is proposed. It is shown that the
geoenvironmental system should be the object of functional analysis. The main types of the models of different
systems are proposed. The experience of the functional analysis of the geoenvironmental system of the Bere-
zovo industrial unit is formed on the basis of development of the analogous coal deposit of the western Kansk–
Achinsk Territorial Economical Complex (KATEC).