Geoekologiya, 2002, V 5, N 5.

Environmental role of the permafrost 
L.S .Garagulya and G.I. Gordeeva 

Rational use of Russian mineral resources 
as one of the most important factors 
of sustainable development
A.E. Vorob'ev and A.V. Dzhanyants 

Functioning of Natural and Anthropogenic Systems
Role of dumping in human-induced changes of marine environment and its international legal aspect N.A. Aibulatov and S.N. Tikhomirov
Geoenvironmental Problems in Utilization and Disposal of Waste
Simplified model for assessing safety in underground disposal of high-level waste and spent fuel in crystalline rock (the normal evolution scenario) P.V. Amosov Ways of mitigating hazardous impact of sulfide-containing waste on the environment V.T. Kalinnikov, V.N. Makarov, and D.V. Makarov
Environment Contamination
On the correlation between oxidability and chemical composition of ground water (by the example of the northeastern Ukraine) V.V. Pedan Physico-chemical modeling of natural water composition at the uranium-vanadium deposit G.S. Boroduylina and S.I. Mazukhina Geochemical estimation of soil-cover contamination in the Valaam Archipelago E.G. Panova, V.V. Gavrilenko, N.N. Matinyan, and A.A. Sheshukova Application of mathematical modeling to the elimination of soil and groundwater contamination with oil products I.S. Pashkovskii, D.V. Konnonov, I.S. Klein, L. Krzhizh, and P. Moteil
Soil and Rock Engineering
Specifics of mineral composition and particle-size distribution in loess V.G. Shlykov and M.Yu. Vasilenko
Natural and Human-Induced Processes
On the ultimate depth of natural geodynamic phenomena and the absolute energetic scale of their assessment V.A. Fokin
Research Methods and Techniques
Repeated torsion of samples for clay strength characterization S.R. Meschyan Review of the book "Physical Aspects of Environmental Geoscience" G.F.Ufimtsev